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Who we are

The Global Classroom is a unique charity and education movement that unites children around the world. Delivered by Scarisbrick Hall School in partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and supported by UNICEF, The Global Classroom is the largest digital classroom in the world. We deliver an extraordinary programme of aspirational events from some of the most influential leaders in their fields to the future leaders of our planet.

Children from across the globe, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or location are invited to access once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to have their voices heard on real-world topics by leading influencers, artists, policymakers, scientists, activists and cultural icons. Open access classroom sessions and seminars are delivered by leading figures from the Smithsonian Science Education Centre, National Geographic, BMG and Penguin Random House.

Our Goals

Our Purpose

Our mission is to unite children from across the globe and make their voices, ideas and concerns heard. The Global Classroom provides a level playing field for children to access the world’s foremost educationalists and thought leaders, wherever they are in the world and regardless of their socio-economic background. Our aim is to level out education and provide inspirational learning opportunities to as many children as possible worldwide.

Our core educational themes centre around the Global Mind, the Global Body and the Global Heart. Beneath those key areas of development we subscribe to the RIVER philosophy of learning which teaches children the values of Resilience, Independence, Values, Exploration and Reflection. We take a child-centred approach, building our educational events around the needs of our global pupils to empower them with the tools they need to succeed.

The Global Classroom is levelling out education to give every child a unique space to have their voice heard.

Jeff Shaw

Headmaster of Scarisbrick Hall School

World Firsts

What we’ve achieved


Students have watched

  • World’s largest digital classroom, providing opportunities to children from 150,000 schools in 193 countries.
  • Unique access to experts from the WHO, UNICEF, Smithsonian Institute, BMG and Penguin Random House.


Countries have been reached

  • The only programme of its kind to actively seek out and engage with children in the most remote locations.
  • The first to deliver classes translated across six languages simultaneously in real-time using Microsoft Teams.


Schools are connected

  • First educational programme to unite school associations from across the globe under one unified banner.
  • All classes translated and broadcast on UNICEF Radio and BBC Africa to maximise access to class resources.

Our History

Scarisbrick Hall

Scarisbrick Hall School is an award-winning mixed independent school based near Ormskirk, Lancashire in the UK. Providing personalised learning from nursery to age 18, we are recognised as the top sixth form in the North of England and among the top 10 nationally for progress and value added. We are also one of the select few Grade 1 independent schools rated 100% excellent by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

Our RIVER learning philosophy centres around the values of Resilience, Independence, Values, Exploration and Reflection to provide young people with all the tools they need to enjoy a happy and successful future. We are passionate about providing first-class learning opportunities that enable all our pupils to reach their full potential. In 2019, Scarisbrick Hall School pupils achieved a 95% pass rate at GCSE and 100% pass rate at A Level.

About Us - Jeff Shaw

About Jeff Shaw

Jeff has been the Headmaster of Scarisbrick Hall school for almost a decade. Before this, he held a number of senior positions in secondary education and also in higher education. Jeff is the Chair of the Independent Schools Association for 2020/21 and also sits as a board member of the Independent Schools Council. 
In all of his roles, he has actively promoted and developed cross-sector partnerships that have enabled all pupils to progress.  Jeff is the co-founder of The Global Classroom and in his role as host has interviewed leading world figures such as Dr Tedros, Henrietta Fore and Prince Khaled. In 2020 he helped establish a collaborative partnership with National Geographic, The Smithsonian, BMG and Penguin Books with a unified goal to enhance and support education around the world.
Jeff has been widely described as an educational innovator and a champion of the rights of the child. At the heart of everything that he does is his passion for every child to have access to the highest quality education and for them to be valued for who they are as individuals.
About Us - Siu-anne

About Siu-Anne Marie Gill

Siu-Anne is responsible for direct contact with and developing relationships within the United Nations, World Health Organisation (WHO) & UNICEF as well as other philanthropic humanitarian organisations that are working alongside the United Nations Family. Siu-Anne Marie Gill currently works on multiple global projects that have established her as a world leading consultant in humanitarian and philanthropic projects as well as campaigns in the area of health. She is engaged in multiple humanitarian campaigns all around the world including Africa, Asia, Saudi Arabia & South America as well as playing a critical role in supporting the global response against Covid-19.

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