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To celebrate World Breathing Day 2021, The Global Classroom hosted Deep Breath – our seventh digital classroom. Hosted by Jeff Shaw in collaboration with best-selling author, James Nestor, Deep Breath addressed the importance of embedding deep breathing habits into our everyday lives for happiness and improved wellbeing.

To support this event, The Global Classroom have compiled a selection of deep breathing resources to support you on your breathing journey. From FAQs to detailed blogs, we have everything to help you incorporate healthy breathing habits into your daily routine.

If you’re looking to improve your own breathing habits, you can also join our 30 Day Breath Challenge in collaboration with PACTIVE. Join likeminded people to implement deep breathing into your daily routine for the next 30 days.


The Global Classroom have written several articles focused specifically on breathing techniques. Some articles explore our Deep Breath event, whilst others focus on guided breathing exercises that you can add into your family’s routine.

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Deep breathing is useful for concentrating, focus, reducing anxiety, sport and general wellbeing. Below, we’ve answered some of the top FAQs surrounding deep breathing to provide a deeper insight into the benefits and uses of healthy breathing habits.

Deep breathing is defined as the action of breathing slowly and steadily, especially when used for relaxation. Whilst we all breathe naturally everyday, deep breathing encourages us to pay closer attention to our breathing.

When we focus on our breathing, we are able to control it and train ourselves to breathe correctly. This allows us to harness the full benefits of our breath.

If you’re looking to try deep breathing, explore our top five breathing techniques for children. 

When we get stressed, we start to breathe faster. As a result, our blood pressure increases because our body senses that we are in panic mode. Blood is moved from other parts of your body to support your muscles as your body prepares for potential blood clots as a result of injury. This is why we often feel physically tense when we’re having a stressful day – our body is literally preparing for a fight.

When we breathe deeply, we increase our intake of oxygen, removing the need for our body to pump blood around the body at increased speeds. As a result, our heart rate decreases and our body relaxes. This is why our stress levels reduce when we use breathing techniques.

When we use deep breathing techniques, we’re engaging the central nervous system. Slow, regulated breathing lets our body know that it’s time to slow down, which is why it’s beneficial for improved sleep.

We usually struggle to sleep when we cannot clear our mind. If you focus on your breath rather than alternate distractions, your brain will become quieter, allowing you to drift off peacefully.

When we use deep breathing techniques we engage the parasympathethic nervous system. This is the part of the brain that allows us to rest by slowing our heart rate and dilates our blood vessels. As a result, your overall blood pressure decreases.

If used regularly and consistently, deep breathing can be a great tool to lower high blood pressure.

When we start to breathe deeply, we’re sending a message to our brain that indicates we’re ready to relax and calm down. This triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for feelings of relaxation.

Once these messages are received by your brain, the message of relaxation is sent to your body. This slows the heart rate and stimulates the vagus nerve (which travels from the brain to the abdomen). Therefore, deep breathing alerts your brain that you’re ready for relaxation.

Breathing techniques help our lungs to work more efficiently. When we implement healthy breathing habits into our routine, we can reduce shortness of breath without altering your lung capacity.

When we inhale and exhale, our lungs are working extremely hard so it’s important to keep them healthy and strong so that they’re able to continue their critical work. If we want stronger legs, we train them and target the correct muscles – it’s the same for our lungs.

Deep breathing increases the ability and strength of the lungs, allowing them to stay healthy for longer.

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