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Dr Adrian Woolf - The Great Hall Lecture Series

Adrian Woolf

The University of Manchester

For session 3 of The Great Hall Lecture Series, we were joined by Adrian Woolf, who led a lecture on Stem Cell Technology. Adrian Woolf joined us from The University of Manchester to deliver this all-inspiring lecture.

About This Class

Adrian Woolf’s lecture on how stem cell technology can make functional kidney cells shone a light on how stem cell technology can be used for regenerative medicine therapies. As an honorary consultant in Paediatric Nephrology at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Adrian Woolf’s main specialism and research area is around why people are sometimes born with abnormal kidneys, urethras and bladders. All of which are some of the key reasons why these people go on to have renal dialysis and kidney transplants.

Having published in excess of 165 research publications, Adrian Woolf is clearly a specialist in the stem cell field. On behalf of Scarisbrick Hall, we were thrilled to have Adrian Woolf involved in our Great Hall Online Lecture Series, and are proud of the success we have had with this online series so far.

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