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Eloise Moss

Dr Eloise Moss

The University of Manchester

As a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester in Modern British History. Dr Eloise Moss is an expert in the History of gender, crime and urban culutre. Dr Eloise Moss also has a book, Night Raiders.

About This Class

Eloise Moss’s lecture on the detective work of History delved into how research is done and the role History provides to our society. As a Lecturer at The University of Manchester, Eloise answers some of the following questions; Why does History change? Why are there different versions of the same historical events? Why do some people’s stories remain untold? and more. 

Dr Eloise looked into these big questions and looked at the example of Jack the Ripper Murders and other major events in the history of crime. Dr Eloise Moss finishes by mentioning the importance of talking and bringing light to Historic events.

Watch the video above to catch up on Dr Eloise Moss’s Great Hall Lecture Series talk.

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