Our Supporters: Blake Shutterly

Blake Shutterly of NEOU fitness who joined The Global Classroom for One Global Body

Blake Shutterly

Fitness Trainer at NEOU Fitness

Blake is a lover of fitness. As a Level 2 Crossfit Trainer, Blake started BASE, her fitness brand. BASE is a class that improves mobility and flexibility. Blake aims to always leave her attendees feeling great!

About Blake and NEOU fitness

Blake is a lover of fitness, and her passion all began when she started gymnastics 16 years ago.  It was because of this that she embarked on becoming a gymnastics coach. Blake has now been coaching for 11 years and loves every minute of it.

Her passion for fitness did not stop there. Now, as a Level 2 Crossfit trainer, Blake started her fitness brand – BASE as a way to compliment the hard training the body goes through with high-intensity sports. BASE aims to improve mobility and flexibility, giving the body the tender loving care (TLC) that it deserves! Everyone leaves Blake’s class feeling better than when they started.

As a positive, energetic woman, her focus and attention to detail are astounding.

NEOU, on the other hand, is a live streaming, on-demand wellness marketplace, offering thousands of fitness classes from 100+ studios and instructors.

Available to watch from any phone, tablet, computer, or TV, there’s something for everyone on NEOU. Simply track your progress, earn badges, and hit workout milestones. NEOU will also recommend classes, instructors, and programs for you to base your goals and preferences.

Blake Shutterly joined us for our fourth classroom – One Global Body

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