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Captain Dave Henson MBE who was a guest at The Global Classroom's One Global Mind event

David Henson MBE

British Parasport Athlete

David Henson is a British Parasport Athlete, competing at the Invictus Games and Rio Paralympics. David is Ex-British Army.

About David Henson MBE

Joining the British Army in 2008, David took on his first command in July 2009 and was deployed to Afghanistan as a Royal Engineer Search Advisor in 2010.

In February 2011, David’s role, responsible for the coordination, planning and conduction of Improvised Explosive Device (IED), cost Dave both of his legs when he stood on an IED. David has always remained thankful for his fellow troops stating “the boys saved my life and stopped the bleeding”.

Adjusting to his new life, Dave went to spend time at Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre were 14 weeks post-amputation, he was walking and back to full height. During his time at rehabilitation, David found his new love for the sport.

On 13th December 2011, Dave was given his running legs, and his passion was unleashed. Since then, David Henson has competed at the Invictus Games, championed by Prince Harry and became captain of the British Armed Forces Team. David also went on to win a Bronze Medal at Rio Paralympics.

Here at The Global Classroom, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to Captain David Henson.

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