Our Supporters: Heather Small

Heather Small, singer who joined us for One Global Mind

Heather Small

Singer and Barnardos Ambassador

Heather Small, born 20th January 1965 is most widely known for her English Soul Singing Success and has top hits including; ‘Proud’ and ‘Moving on up’.

About Heather Small

Heather knew ever since growing up on a West London council estate that she wanted to make something of herself and didn’t want to be stereotyped or treated differently. Despite battling shyness and nervousness from a young age, Heather didn’t let it get in the way of her singing career.

Joining her first band Hot! House, then later M People, Heather saw great success from hits ‘Moving On Up’, ‘One Night in Heaven’ and ‘Search For The Hero’. Becoming one of the seminal British voices of the 1990s, Heather was certainly making something of herself.

Heather has since had great success in her solo singing career, her soundtrack ‘Proud’ went onto be the soundtrack of London 2012 Olympics and the 60th anniversary of VE Day in Trafalgar Square.

Heather has also appeared on the renowned Strictly Come Dancing stage as a contestant in Series 6 and on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’. In more recent years, Heather has been made an ambassador for the charity Barnardo’s and continues to strive to support vital projects around the country.

At The Global Classroom, we are PROUD to have Heather Small on board as a supporter and for Heather to share her words of wisdom as to why she has the impetus to keep moving on forward.

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