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Kartik Sawhney, National Geographic Young Explorer who joined The Global Classroom for Global Generations

Kartik Sawhney

National Geographic Young Explorer

Kartik is the co-founder of I-Stem and a National Geographic Young Explorer. He has certainly not let his disability impede the pursuit of his personal and professional goals.

About Kartik Sawhney

As a Delhi-based disabled advocate and technologist, Sawhney has empowered people with disabilities to be successful technology professionals. As a Computer Science Graduate from Stanford University himself, Sawhney has achieved so much success.

As the first blind student in India to pursue a science education in high school, he advocated changing the rules so that blind students across the country could pursue sciences in high school.

As an advocate, Kartik Sawhney has led the way for at least 15 other blind students to continue their education at top technical universities in India.

Kartik co-founded I-Stem with the intention to provide technical training, mentorship, and hands-on opportunities to blind math and science students across India.

I-Stem has experienced great success and works closely with the government, technical universities, and corporations in an effort to make university, college campuses, and the general culture of education more inclusive.

Kartik has also developed technical solutions to make STEM more accessible.

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