Our Supporters: Logan Schmidt

Logan Schmidt, Smithsonian Education Centre's Curriculum Developer who joined The Global Classroom for One Global Body

Logan Schmidt

Science Curriculum Developer

Logan is the Smithsonian Science Education Center’s Science Curriculum Developer.

About Logan Schmidt

Logan learned at an early age that the only thing she liked better than science is talking to people about science. This is why she has spent the last twenty years pursuing that passion.

Beginning her career as a teen volunteer in the rainforest and aquarium exhibits of Discovery Place Science Museum, Logan went on to hone her education skills at museums, aquariums, wildlife refuges, penguin colonies, publishing companies and classrooms across the US.

Logan has a B.A in Biological Sciences and Classics from Wellesley College and a Masters of Science in Teaching with a concentration in Secondary Biology from Boston College’s Lynch School of Education.

She has worked at the Smithsonian Education Centre for the last two years identifying scientific expertise from across the Smithsonian Institution to integrate into SSEC’s curricular offerings.

In her spare time, Logan enjoys volunteering at the USO, fly-fishing at the Tidal Basin and searching for Washington D.C’s best mozzarella sticks.

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