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Doctor and YouTuber

Dr SMiT is a 24 year old medical doctor who focuses on promoting holistic health.

About Dr SMiT

Based in India, Dr SMiT left his role in conventional medicine to begin his own YouTube channel. In his videos, Dr SMiT explores the relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The goal of Dr SMiT’s YouTube channel is to provide viewers with credible, authentic  and genuine health information. With so much fake news and information out there on the World Wide Web, Dr SMiT has made it his mission to share valuable, accurate information to educate and add value to the lives of young people.

Dr SMiT’s YouTube channel covers physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. With over 1,000 subscribers and nearly 100 vlogs to his name, Dr SMiT is determined to become the next big thing in YouTube health.

We are delighted to welcome Dr SMiT to our seventh classroom – Deep Breath – which takes place on World Breathing Day.  Join us on April 11th at 16:30BST.

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Video Snippets

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