Our Supporters: Andrew Brennen

Andrew Brennen, young explorer for Nat Geo who kindly supports The Global Classroom

Andrew Brennen

National Geographic Education Fellow

Andrew Brennen is the co-founder of the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team (PC SVT) and a National Geographic Education Fellow.

About Andrew Brennen

Andrew Brennen’s core belief is that young people, when empowered, can use their perspectives and experiences to build a better world.

Since co-founding Prichard Committee Student Voice Team as a high school junior in Lexington, Kentucky, Andrew has launched and led several initiatives. One of which is the successful statewide public affairs campaign that funded $14 million for low-income student scholarships in Kentucky.

The Prichard Committee Student Voice Team now serves as a national model for how young people can hold educational institutions accountable and consists of over 150 young people across Kentucky.

Since founding PCSVT in 2012, Andrew has held communications, marketing and non-profit strategy roles in organisations such as: Student Voice, The Obama Foundation and McKinsey & Company to name a few.

His unique combination of non-profit and private sector experience has positioned him as a trusted advisor to a variety of organisations and he currently serves on the Board of Directors for Student Voice, The Next 50 PAC, and Seek Common Ground.

Andrew graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor’s degree in political science and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education Policy & Management at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

In 2021, Andrew Brennen was announced as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Education.

At The Global Classroom we are grateful to have Andrew Brennen on board and delivering content at our sessions. We most recently welcomed Andrew to One Global Mind and One Global Body.

We cannot wait to welcome Andrew back to The Global Classroom for our eighth digital classroom – The Big Picture – on Tuesday 8th June at 16:30 BST.

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