Our Supporters: Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom Moore, The Captain Tom Foundation kindly supports The Global Classroom

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Former British Army officer

Captain Sir Tom Moore, also known as ‘Captain Tom’, rose to stardom during the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Sir Captain Tom Moore

On the run-up to his 100th Birthday, Captain Sir Tom Moore set himself a mission to walk 100 laps around his garden for NHS charities. Starting with the goal of raising just £1,000, Captain Sir Tom’s journey gained the support of the entire nation and he ended up exceeding his goal by an enormous amount and ended up raising £38.9 million!

As a second world war veteran, Captain Sir Tom served in India and became an instructor in Armoured Warfare. After the war had ended, he became the Managing Director of a concrete company. During his fundraising efforts, he also featured in a cover version of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Micheal Ball, and has recently launched his book “Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day.”

Join Captain Tom in our November 2020 classroom, Global Generations.

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