Key Speakers
Michael Woodside

Michael Woodside 
Animation Supervisor at Disney Animation

Michaela Pavlat, Cultural Interpreter - National Museum of the American Indian kindly supports The Global Classroom

Michaela Pavlat
Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Indian

Megan Collins, a paediatric ophthalmologist, kindly supports The Global Classroom

Megan Collins
Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Chris McDougall, Writer of book, Born to Run kindly supports The Global Classroom

Christopher McDougall 
American Author

Tiassa Mutunkei, a Kenyan conservation activist, kindly supports The Global Classroom in partnership with SHS

Tiassa Mutunkei
National Geographic Young Explorer

Captain Sir Tom Moore, The Captain Tom Foundation kindly supports The Global Classroom

Captain Sir Tom Moore
WWII Veteran and NHS Fundraising Hero

Hannah Ingram Moore

Hannah Ingram-Moore
The Captain Tom Foundation

Zoe Jenkins

Zoe Jenkins 
National Geographic Education

About this class

In our last event One Global Body, we focused in-depth on the importance of physical and mental wellbeing. In our next event – Global Generations, The Global Classroom will be celebrating generational changes and finding out how the world has changed over the years. We will be delving into how different generations can influence and help one another and talk to a whole host of speakers who will shine light on this topic. To celebrate World Children’s Day, we believe that there is no better way than to highlight the greatness that each generation holds and possesses; especially the youngest generation of today. In order to connect with children all over the world, we will be speaking to numerous influential figures, from different generations.

The Global Generations event, hosted by Scarisbrick Hall School will showcase how each generation passes their wisdom and knowledge onto the next. During this live broadcast we will be joined by Michael Woodside from Disney Animation, and Michaela Pavlat, a Cultural Interpreter at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, who will discuss how her American Indian heritage, and the generations before her, have been key to her life.

This live broadcast event, that reaches and connects with over 150,000 pupils across 198 countries, will also include a wealth of other incredible spokespeople. It is our pleasure to announce that Megan Collins M.D., a Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Christopher McDougall, an American Author, and Tiassa Mutunkei, a National Geographic Young Explorer will be joining us to speak about how the different generations in their lives have influenced them, and what they are doing to influence the young generations of today. We will also be joined by Hannah Ingram-Moore from The Captain Tom Foundation and feature a message from the one and only – Captain Sir Tom Moore himself.

We look forward to you all logging on at 4.30pm, 20th November to celebrate World Children’s Day at our Global Generations event from The Global Classroom.

We can’t wait to highlight the importance for generations to interact and share their stories and thoughts. We look forward to welcoming you.

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