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Sharon Moore

Sleep Pathologist and Author

Sharon Moore is a speech pathologist, author and sleep health advocate with over four decades of clinical experience across a wide range of functional disorders of the upper airway

About Sharon Moore

Sharon has worked in Australia and London and currently works with medical and dental specialists, integrating myofunctional science into diagnosis and treatment planning for upper airway dysfunctions; breathing, swallowing, chewing, voice, speech and airway patency during sleep.

Sharon has a special interest in early identification of craniofacial growth anomalies in syndromic and non-syndromic children, concomitant orofacial dysfunctions and airway obstruction in sleep disorders. She believes that there has never been a more important time for medical, dental and allied health colleagues to work as a team with the education sector, early childhood professionals and families, with the significant consequences of sleep disorders in all ages now widely known.

There is a growing global medical acknowledgement of the role of myofunctional therapy in the management of sleep disorders, hailing a new era of relevance for work and research into the upper airway. This affirms Sharon’s chosen clinical direction given the critical window of opportunity to help parents ‘get it right’ before kids start school.

The global health challenge of paediatric sleep disorders as a global public health issue inspired Sharon to write Sleep-Wrecked Kids, a resource for parents and professionals exploring sleep disorders amongst children.

We are delighted to welcome Sharon to our seventh classroom – Deep Breath – which takes place on World Breathing Day. Join us on April 11th at 16:30BST.

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