Our Supporters: Tiassa Mutunkei

Tiassa Mutunkei, a Kenyan conservation activist, kindly supports The Global Classroom in partnership with SHS

Tiassa Mutunkei

National Geographic Young Explorer

National Geographic Young Explorer Tiassa Mutunkei is a 19-year-old conservationist from Nairobi, Kenya, and a graduate of the African Leadership Academy in South Africa.

About Tiassa Mutunkei

She has a passionate commitment to conservation and considers herself a wildlife warrior. Her mission is to protect, restore, and create awareness about Africa’s wildlife.

To help achieve that, at age 15, she founded Teens4Wildlife, a space for Kenyan and other African youth to share, learn about, explore, and discover the value of Africa’s wildlife and then take action to protect it. She believes that as the next generation, they should join together to conserve wildlife and wildlands before it’s too late.

Join Tiassa in our November 2020 classroom, Global Generations.

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